Developer Teams & Developer Apps

Developer Team & Developer Apps

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What is a Developer Team?

Developer Teams are enabled for developer portal users who need to share client credentials securely when building solutions that may require setting up a service account.  Developer Teams allow developers the shared responsibility of creating Developer Apps to share amongst other developers added to the team. As a registered developer portal user, you can create a new team at any time. As Administrators of your Team, you can invite other registered developer portal users to your Teams as Members. 

With Developer Teams, the Administrator has full control to add and manage Team Members and Developer Apps created for your team.  Developer portal users that accept the invitation to join a team, will have access to your team's Developer Apps by logging into the Developer Portal, under their registered account.

For more about team roles and permissions see Roles & Permission

Create a Developer Team

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Teams
  3. Click on Add Team
  4. Enter your Team Name

Create a Developer App

Once a Developer Team is created, click on:

  1. Team Apps Tab
  2. Click on Add team app
  3. Complete the app registration
    1. Enter a Team App Name
    2. If applicable add a Callback URL
    3. Enter a Description (optional)
    4. Select an API from the API Catalog
  4. Click on ADD TEAM APP when you are done

View your Developer Team App Client Credentials

There is no limit to the # of Team Apps you can setup within a Team. Within the Team Apps Tab:

  1. Click the Team App to view
  2. Click on the Eye Icon to reveal your Consumer Key & Consumer Secret
    1. These Client Credentials will be visible to any developer portal user with access to your Developer Team as an Administrator or Member

Roles & Permissions




Developer Team Administrators are the Owners of the Developer Team. They are the default user designated as the Administrator during the Developer Team Creation. Administrators are granted all user permissions. Some permissions are locked as they require an administrator to setup or reverse that specific task.

  • You must have at least 1 Administrator designated at all times. 

Administrators are usually the Product Managers, Engineering Lead, or Business Managers that oversee the Teams Developments.

Developer Team Members are usually invited to the Team as they have shared responsibility or task oriented to the development work. Members have a narrow scope of permissions enabled for the portal that limit their capabilities. 

  • There is no limit to the number of Members you can add to a Team. 

Members are usually Developers, QA Testers, Technical Support and other Team members who will need access to your Team Apps Client Credentials. 


API Products
View and Assign API Products to Team Apps
Manage Team Members & Invitations
Team Apps
Add API Key to Team Apps
Create Team Apps
Delete API Key from Team Apps
Delete Team Apps
Edit API Products for team Apps
Edit Team Apps
Revoke API Keys from Team Apps
View Team Apps
View Analytics of Team Apps


Adding Team Members to Your Developer Team

Administrators Only

  1. Click on Teams
  2. Select the Team you want to Add Members to
  3. Click on the Members Tab
  4. Click on Invite Members
  5. Enter the email address(es) for the User(s) you want to add to your Team
    1. Comma delaminated for Multiple Users
  6. Select the User Role
    1. If you need to send separate Admin and Member Invitations, please send 1 request per Role.
  7. Click Invite Members

We will send an email to each unique email recipient submitted. Recipients of the Team Invite must Accept or Decline the invitation with 7 Calendar Days. 

NOTE: Invitations must be emailed to email addresses used to register the users account on the USCIS Developer Portal. If the email address does not match our records, the recipient will not be able to accept/decline the invitation.  If they do not have a registered account after sending the invitation, please have them sign up here and re-send the invitation after they have completed their account setup.