USCIS Torch API Platform

Use our diverse APIs on the USCIS Torch Platform to create innovative apps for transforming your business.

USCIS Torch API Platform


View common use cases, learn about USCIS OIT Domain Categorization and get started with your APIs.


Use our APIs to build and test your own apps in a sandbox or live customer environment.


Work with USCIS and our partner network to bring your application to market.

Let’s innovate together! Our API Portal will let you launch products, consume our data, and improve your customer experience using the broad suite of APIs available from the USCIS Torch API program. Follow the procedures in the Onboarding Guide to get started. We look forward to seeing what you can do to empower your users.

Robert Brown, Chief Technology Officer, USCIS

Why an API Platform?

This Torch API Platform strategy connects previously siloed systems to provide a complete digital experience that will shorten decision timelines, increase transparency, and more efficiently handle the 8 million requests for immigration benefits the agency receives each year. To pursue this strategy effectively, we had to rethink and overhaul our IT landscape, one that has much in common with those other large enterprises in both the public and private sectors. We had to move away from antiquated ETL processes and overnight batch processing. -  Rob Brown & Rob Cole, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, at Kafka Summit 2020

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We're Starting Something New

This site represents a new way of working, not just for USCIS, but for the immigration law community and those who seek to come or stay in the United States, too. The common core created by using the API platform has helped us deliver quality code and new features, and focus less on ops and infrastructure. We're able to deliver product faster, and more efficiently. Now we can share what we've built with you. As we add new APIs to the site, you will be able to add more value to the products you build.